Powers Family Reunion 2001
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Daniel riding Blaze
Maggie & Mike on Cricket & Chester.  Mike shouldn't have told Chester he had never been on a horse before!
Martin liked Belle; she was gentle and in no hurry (besides she's Cindy's horse Charlie's mom).
Colin, with Frank's hat, looks like a true cowboy.
Many of the folks went horseback riding up on Cabin Mountain.  The stables are where Cindy boards her horse, Charlie.  
Donna enjoys her horse
Frank, the master cowboy himself.
Heidi and Cindy.  Heidi, where's your helmet?
Janet, that's a mighty narrow trail!
Back at Frank & Glenda's Barn
Up on Eagle's Nest
That look, even up on the mountain!
The preacher man: "I've seen the mountain top!"
Jess finally caught a fish!
Don, another Charles Beard recipe?
Ozzie dreaming of rabbits, er, groundhogs.
Heidi dreaming, of what (whom)?
Colin waits for everyone to catch up
Maggie, Frank & Don
Maggie & Glenda
Maggie, Colin, Janet and . . . . . . . . . . the old man
The gang's (almost) all there
Father & daughter discussing college expenses
Renate reading up on the birds of West Virginia
Mike & Heidi
Martin & Colin
Lordy Mike, you only have 2 more mornings to fix breakfast!
Daniel caught ninety fish, he claims!  Dad, you shoulda seen the one that got away!
Heidi enjoys the ride
Charlie struggles with Frank on her back
Riding the West Virginia hills!
Jess & Heidi take turns leading - you go girls!
The Monopoly gang!
Going up or coming down?
Cindy, will the electronic fence work for Misty this high up?
Glenda, it's straight down!
Don't worry, Don, your clients know your  email address.
Jess, Jess, Jess, there you go again!
Good thing Frank stocked that pond, the Minnesota Powers are catching them all!
Jess got her "looks" from guess who?
Donna's going for that "look" too!
If Jack can only get the exposure right, or at least ask Janet!
Mike's winning smile, right Janet and Jess?
Frank's scanned photos
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